What factors determine general status in war?

I have heard different stories as to what decides general statuses in war. Anyone have any insight?

willingness to die first


Coins are


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do you mean who gets to be general? point values of the top 5 strongest in roster added together… your question is unclear.

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Yes that’s what I’m asking lol

Size matters

its the stat points which are valued… there are no bonuses for actives or ar… so total the stat values for your top 5 and then compare to the others in your faction and you should be able to figure out who is general… weapons are not considered. i may have been unclear on what a “point value” was…


Jesus this topic has been beat to death. General = strongest ever team made based on all characters in team atk+hp+def=x

The funny thing is, is not. We proved it multiple times on the old forum that the official explanation (which you’ve rightly said) is total horse shit.

Unfortunately the old forum has been buried, probably in the hope it would bury past misdemeanors by our dear Scopely, so I can’t link to the threads. And of course the introduction of being able to change general makes the process of selection somewhat defunct.


Imo it is the total strength of your current roster. I’m talking pure numbers kinda strength. Att+def+hp of all, added together.

its only the top 5 in the roster… yea they said strongest team you had ever made… but its top 5 which is the strongest team you can make from your roster numerically. its not full roster cause i have a lot of 5* maxed or above t4/75 (55 - 5* above t4/75) vs some of our newer members… i lose out to them in being chosen for general, they have better premiums and higher top 5 totals.

Whilst it might have been fixed since, pre-6★ (and when generals could not be switched) I had faction mates with S2 teams that is be general ahead of, yet I lacked the charters in my roster to create an S2 team.

top 5 in roster does not = best usable team possible… you might have an s3 team, if you just did it by stats alone… remeber we are talking stats only… not ar. not active… not weapons… just only pure stats regardless of actual useability… and its counting roster not active team

Funny this pops up i came here to ask this question.

Yesterday someone got general over me. I asked him how many 6* he had and how many of those are T4 MAX.
He said he had 16 six stars and 4 where T4 MAX.

I have 20 six stars of which 5 are maxed and one is T4 lvl 81. So based on the 5 strongest i should outgen him. Didnt happen.
Also the whole roster doesnt add up cause my roster is alot deeper then his.

So the Question stands what determines a general.
Gonna Throw a weird one out there: Prestige?

@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @CombatDevIl any answers for us?



We’ve had a faction member with 5 t4 maxed 6* not get general but a faction mate with only 2 maxed t4 was getting general on a regular basis. It’s such a screwed up code that even Scopely is confused/vague about it.


Your team mates are selecting you to mess with you :rofl:

As I’ve said, and keep saying, this was done to death on the previous forum. It’s not prestige, it’s not rep, it’s not when you started playing, it’s not rank within faction, it isn’t your star sign, it isn’t how long it’s been since you pulled for a premier or how long since you took a shit, it isn’t the month you were born, and it certainly isn’t the combined sum of HP + Attack + Def of any team you have, or could possibly, make.

But it doesn’t matter. If you’re not powerful enough to be general (i.e. you aren’t getting defends or don’t have the coins to insta and protect the rest of the camp) share it around the faction.


Totally agree. But it’s just classic Scopely, to leave something so dumb, a mystery.