What exclusives do you want next season?

Season one we got red Ezekiel (healer) and green mirabelle (offense)
Season two we got blue Tara (offense) and red sandy (tank/revive)

What kind of characters do you hope we get in the next season… I’m hoping for a fast healer/revive and maybe a unique blue(non damage)… seriously, other than Eric we’ve gotten very few non-offense blues, let alone f2p ones.

I’m also hoping maybe in future seasons we eventually get reruns of old characters.

I also hope that these new season characters will be on gen2 stats.

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Disarm pls


Tht will never happen but we can wish.

Would it be too much to ask for a yellow decap and another disarm?

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What about a toon with Holly’s gain bonus HPs when attacked gun and tenacity? That could be annoying, maybe? Also, any news on if there are gonna be shop prizes for league rankings like last season? Popped up the Friday night before the season ended last time.

A decap toon with enough defense to be sturdy, and a revive with disarm. I have no faith that either of those will happen though.

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5 Stars:

Yellow Antonio (He’s still one of the rarest 5* around and one of the few I still want. Only in Prestige)

Yellow Prison Maggie (Hemorage is Great and even If she’s the only character to have it, using her with a few Darnelles could work quite Nice for Fun. Also Prison characters are always Nice.)

5* Red Andrea “Made to Suffer #2” (A character I wanted since forever, with her cool looking Guard Suit and Indominable aswell a Nice Rush)

6 Stars:

Returning Character:

Strong Bruce (I know, the chance is Increditable slim, but he’s so old and was in multipe Wheels)

Red Clem

New Characters:

6* Shawn (AT FIRST: Give him Gen 2 Stats. Since’s he a Damage Dealer he could be a Dis… just kidding. We know it’s not going to happen, thought.)

6* ??? (I guess a Yellow Character would be Nice)


Would like to see solid defensive disrupters and offensive disarms, preferably melee ones.

I’m not gonna lie, i want erika, mackenzie, lydia for next exclusive toon hehehehehehehe…

For the cap and that shirt I hope it is something good like a xhuman shield or a revive

Any disarm would be welcome and next in line is a decap. But i doubt scopely will put them in league store even if they do we ll need to see how baseball hats and jackets will work out.

Either of those or both would be great… plus a disarm… they anyway have 3 toons… 2 unique and 1 old toon. So maybe they can put one of the old disarm toons in place of Naya… rainbow lead for 25k. And maybe a decap for 15k…

I know it won’t happen but would like it if it did

I’d like to see a disarm, decapitate, and maybe the 3rd toon be something like guardian herschel, erika, madison. A toon that is still somewhat useful to players who maybe aren’t big spenders. For me guardians, revives and good leader skills can always be useful.

disarm … to make game fun for f2p put disarm in there

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These are the leaks I have

No stats yet yellow taunt weapon though nice

I would love another form of shiva (or another animal if there is one in the comics)

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We need Maggie’s horse, Buttons



Hell yeah, with turrets attached mah dude that have have chance to make enemy fail attack because they stepped on brown stuff

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Romanov would be cool. Or Blue Garrett.

Not exclusives but I’ll take em anyway.

Gen 2 shiva with Cutthroat 2 that has 60% atk and chance for 600 maim damage