What exactly is faction farming?


So, it’s coming up a lot at the moment. What is it? Is it like, joining a faction for an event, doing nothing, and collecting faction prizes? That seems like a stupid way to play. Milestones are an important part of any decent sustainable strategy. Have I got it wrong? What’s the deal?


It’s possible it’s a farming faction. Designed purely for players to enjoy drop leads for best farming results.


I think when people talk about faction farming its to do with war. Two factions will keep rebuilding to let each other build up large amounts of points. Sometimes this includes putting a one toon defence to make it quicker.


Yes. It definitely refers to a war exploit as described above. Two factions agree to put up one toon defenses and leave one person alive per side. They focus on killing each other over and over with a strategy that maximizes camp destroy bonuses to allow them to put up large numbers of points faster than actual warring factions can do. It’s why you see some factions with horrible win loss ratios yet they are up on the leaderboard. It’s because they are farming points with a sister faction to undeservedly reap prizes. The strategy is getting less viable since the changes in points in war though.