What even is this shit

Like what the fk we win and they are that ahead?


You need to win battles without rushes. Gives you a 7500 boost. It’s stupid but meh,


Scopely for some reason decided to give out bonus points for fighting opponents you can beat without Rushing

Also even when a team is dead they can still attack if they have their energy

Then we see now thé good players . Don’t be angry kthxbye

Massively stupid. I officially hate Onslaught. Also hey faction mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not always, sometimes it gives 1000 or 500

Seems effed up the only way we knew about the no rush bonus was to read it on forums. Says nothing in game. Here i am trying to figure out how the opponents are getting all these points. How the eff can i beat a team with no rush? I don’t have payback toon.


Pay of course lmao

you will get a bonus for surviving if they don’t kill you by the end of the period, but the best way to score big is to win without rushing. Huge bonus, in my division it’s 10,000 bonus pts + 100 pts for a win and +100 pts per toon alive on your side. That total is multiplied by the player bonus listed beside each player.

I found it impossible against really strong teams, but I’ve been able to beat up to S9+ without rushing. It’s a risk worth taking because the “no rush used” bonus makes a huge difference.
Try to use as many debilitating status effects as you can to control the enemies. AP drain on active skill also helps a lot, as does any damage you can deal via active skill (maim, burn, bleed).

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