What epics have you guys gotten from helper rewards / basic tokens?

Obviously none of them really matter, but I’m curious on what you guys have received.
I’ve only gotten two: Earl & Darius.

Got Blue Gov

I got 7 ricks.

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4 aarons, 3 vernons, 6 victors, 6 y tyreeses, 6 omids, 3 dwights, 6 y morgans, 5 r ricks, 3 clems, 3 lees, 5 davies, 2 abrahams, 3 dariuses, 4 earls, 3 loris, 4 dereks, 3 governors



Something like that lol

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sup ghost.

All of them


Same multiples of all of them.
Would of been nice had it been a year or so ago.
But fairly useless now.
Good to see no more 1* and 2*.

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Got like 5 Earls and a crap ton of others.

Got Darius, Omid and some more. The most shocking was Ben actually.

Remembered me of the good old days when he was a rock solid card. And now he ended up in basic token wheel. Sad story.


9 Yumiko 6 Jose

Finished a few collections from Ultra Rare and Epic pulls, not much else: Blue Darius, Monica, Ezekiel “All out War”, Marcus, Dwight “Call to Arms”, and Viktor were all new for me. Got plenty of dupes as well like Earll, blue Governor, Ben, plain Ezekiel, Pam and Kenny “Ties that Bind”. Got a duplicate princess from elite tokens I think?

And a Darius. One could say it was very BASIC so far

Green Dwight

3 ezekiel 5 y morgan 11 ricks 6 devies 7 lees 8 clems 5 g abes 3 darius 9 earls 6 derek 3 b gov 5 dwight 5 omid 3 tyreese 5 victors 5 gergory 5 heath 5 aaron 6 bens

Can’t wait to use 'em on that 5* Only thing.

Well they are good for ascendance fodder at least, just think a year from now they will add a few s class in there. Then they pushing tht new x class. … but to answer ur question anyone who warred hard and opened them got every 5* in there and tons of dupes

Tough Gov “The Worst Defense” and that’s it and I’ve done 40 Ten pulls. Oh my bad it’s the “Best Defense” :rofl::rofl: he wasn’t the best defense when 5* were relevant :joy:

tbh he has a special place in my heart
he was my first epic ever

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