What epics are being added to the basic tokens?

I do not see what they are on the detailed changelog thread.

Click on the pinned thread that says detailed

Basic Tokens:

  • Removed 1-Star Fighters
  • Removed 2-Star Fighters
  • Removed 1-Star Weapons
  • Removed 2-Star Weapons
  • Added 5-Star Recruits
  • Added 4-Star Recruits
  • Increased 3-Star Weapon Drops

This is all I see.

There are 2 different pinned threads. Click on the thread underneath the anniversary thread and scroll they list every toon added in each area.

The thing I posted is from that thread.
I do not see what characters were added to basic tokens.

Does it really matter? I don’t think any ascendables are being added.

No, but it’d be cool to know.

Should be a good income of supply points if nothing else since it sounds like mainly 3* weapons/characters will be dropping

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