What epic have you always wanted, but was never able to get?

Obviously prior to legends.
For me, its armored shiva


Yellow Sawyer
Blue Viktor

Any 5 star negan :disappointed:

Always wanted this guy:
dual blades michonne and this rick:

I would be happy to get them now to be honest even though they aren’t much use with 6*s and all…

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Machine gun Carl and OG dwight. Not because of the fact he’ll be ascendable soon but I loved the Adrenaline Rush animations those two have.

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K(unt)rad :smiley:

Tough Tankchonne and Erika too. Now that would be awesome.

Why you ask? Are they going to give something for free? I’d like a… A…


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Samurai Jesus.

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Oh ya I forgot about him! I remember ones faction raids tournament he was 1st place prize and my fav and another put up crazy scores but we lost out in the end :frowning:

I’ve always wanted these two.


Man believe it or not i never got Andrea 5s blue tough. Everyone and their mother got her except me and now i can’t even pull her from any wheel


She’s in the depot

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Id kill for konrad. Even now if i pulled him i would be so happy.

I always wanted kirkman Rick then I spent 150$ in a level up to get got him never used him and regret it ever since lol

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@Plagueis @CaptainRogers

Any of you guys got God-Tier Carl or ATR Clem?


Easy n none of the above. Were goin 5*, not 6*. But its priya. 2 of her in any tank team was vicious.

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Yea but I haven’t seen her show up in months though

Prolly wont, she dies in 1 or 2 hits now

$1500 is nothing compared to the people who have spent 30, 40 and even 50k…

And i laugh at those ppl who spent that cuz as a f2p player i still beat there teams

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