What epic do you think is unworthy of the epic status? Who should be an epic?

Not stats wise, nor ar.
I mean as a character.

Gregory = Unworthy
Allen = Worthy


5* Donnie and Vernon. They don’t even have any reedeeming styles to make them look epic. Plus Vernon has a big fat nose.


The main characters and the most badass ones should be 5*.
I don’t understand some are made 5* when they’re minor/out-cannon characters.


Was in the first few comics, and did nothing besides hit Rick over the head. Next you see him he’s a walker chained up by Morgan in the house.


Duane does get alot of love in the game for being such a small role in the books, always thought it was strange he had so many toons

To be legendary the character should’ve had to do something truly amazing.

Like when Tyrese walks into the gym. Or when the dude kills the twins… Bwahajajan

100% agree with you

Allen and Gregory don’t need 6 stars ever!

We need a 6 star priya!

There are quite a few 5* that I’ve never heard of, Caroline for example, may have been in one of the spin off books or a TT game, but toons like that shouldn’t pass 4* imo.

Don’t think Sophia has enough 5* or a 6* yet, yet is one of the very few original characters to still be alive 177 comics later

Why do we have a 6 star 1 armed Morgan? I’ve not only literally never seen anyone use him, but after he lost his arm he talked to Carl and Michonne then died from blood loss. That’s it. Hardly legendary…

Duane gets a toon and had such a tiny part, and Tyreese had a daughter named Julie, but she doesnt get a toon at all :frowning: I know she had a small role but I feel Duanes was smaller.

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