What else should be monetized?

I see a few posts on how scopely can fix the game but they never listen, well they listen but only to monetized. Like needing gear maps more often instead they changed it completely and have popup offers for some of the gear but short 1 or more. Or ascendance medals offers that are short on amount needed.
So why waste time offering what would help make the game better for all, just say what you want to pay and them to offer with shorted amounts so you need to buy multiple offers???
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]

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Give us 7 and half bennidicts for sale please scopely

Lol love this btw, how you brought up how the offers are always short of the amount needed, like 299 gold ascend medals instead of the 300 cause troll be trolls


7 benedicts and a basil :raised_hands:t3:


The basil can be used to ascend a 4* to a 5* which can be used as the other bennidict :rofl:


New feature: Pay $45 a month to access your roster


Sounds quite a bit as SC subscription lol


New feature : pay 1$ per day you dont want the app to crash.

$50/month to access an spend free zone

$.99 to open app with occasional BOGO deals

Faction support lol, pay enough and you can choose your faction helper from anyone in the faction without bothering them

1 buck per post

If you pull a promo you get your coins back because we all know the rng is not rigged in any way.

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Log in streak. 5 dollars a day to keep it going.

They should make ascending rng, so that you waste the Benedict’s\characters and medals with fails. It would add so much joy.
I honestly can’t believe they did not use their super secret awesome RNG code on it.

I was a huge fan a few months ago when it looked like they were going to monetise words in chat. As to what words, we still have no clue

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