What does your league look like?


Just curious because I can tell even among my faction mates there is a huge disparity between various leagues. What is platinum for some barely makes gold in others .

While I am really glad I will no doubt hit platinum or possibly even diamond and if I get off my butt, it does not appear in some regions that players were similar scores are even able to get as high How was the initial seating event figured do you reckon?



144k already horey sheet.


kodak not messing around


Trying to hit them milestones ya know


I’ll mostly try to stay in Platinum for the coins. I was expecting the rewards to be crap but I’m shocked. Hundreds and thousands of coins for a few raids.



Some of y’all are try hard af it’s just 5* ascendables and coins


Would be much higher if it wasn’t for that shitty split war and 6v6. Literally spent 6 hrs letting players in queue when I woulda grinded hard. Curse of being in a super active faction. Sigh…


Nice you war your ass off?
I hope it’s not all raid cans lmao.


250k first war 350k on the second war so yeah I did a lot of warring lol


Jealous. That’s my usual but in a highly active crew and searches were less than ideal.

Had a. Full weekend free and we got the trash war design. Sigh.


Here too, all war. Did 600k day one lol


Would of been better but sat out most of Sunday to let others get milestones.


Yeah I was basically on all day to fill then waiting in 10 15 minute searches



Remember that this is the seeding period… ranking matters less here than after seeding happens.


As long it is Diamand, I’m fine with it :grin:


What interests me is that there aren’t any actives falling outside gold. But the time you get to the bottom of the gold players in my league, it’s all zeroes