What does scopely want from us players besides are money


Good game gone bad… 1) are we doing something wrong to be treated so badly ??? 2) wanting good rewards for had work or money spent??? 3) Why are is there a lack of fun in the game anymore ( e.g do this road map for 16hrs straight u mite get a pair of boots or levelup 2 million for 1 bit gear ) I could say or ask harder qusetion but 4) would i get an answer ???


it’s a known thing that if you Wear people down.

Give them long grueling tasks.
It breaks their willpower and makes them more likely to spend money to
bypass the long draining grind.

Not sure how scopely can justify this garbage philosophy of being “cheap”.
But fk it.

Who cares if war Prizes are shit now.
None of my enemies gold anymore.
Thanks scopely.2


Pancakes, lattes and ping pong tables. That’s it.


Didn’t know my primary school teacher was on this!! If you came to this forum to help people with there spelling good for you world needs more of that but if you have nothing to add to the post or a veiw on the game your just being a total *kanker < i may have spelt that last word wrong away use spell check bud


They want your boots, your jacket and your motorcycle and then they are going to terminate u.


Sadece para için bu etkinlikler onun dışında kimse zaten pek bişey alamaz…


They want our soul



Sold my soul to scopely a long time lol havent we all.


There’s always one mate.


Are money… Grammar, they want grammar