What does it happening?

What is it, can somebody explain to me?

For most of us it’s clear, they’re cheaters. For scopes it’s a mystery though.


A little example how to cheat (and i hope how to be banned in a while)…

Sorry if you have to deal with that. People that pay to get where they’re at are rough enough, but how do you compete with that?

Problem is the will receive the rewards then a month later banned and the rewards will not be distributed to the rightful winners.

What region is that on?

Some where in the big mother Russia land…

Sure they will.

I believe it’s Shelby. @booingot can you confirm?

ya, it’s from Shelby. Thanks.


Sir, could you check this out please :slight_smile:

Will the prizes be redistributed to the rightful winners when you ban the cheats? The blanket answer from support is always once the rewards are out nothing can be done.

Never happened before, I do not think it’s possible since the prizes already given out unfortunately

Lol how many times have cheaters been exposed here with Scopely saying they got im and nothing happened at all?

So what’s the next step ?

Still waiting for Coosa to be inspected

Yup me to this is currently 2 months before my first major post on forums about it and even earlier to support before the email

As you can see little has changed except theres more of them