What does E* is...also for Energy (Battle Item) mean?

I can’t seem to come up with it. Thanks

Energy bars Robbie. Look down there is a solution for all.

I must be blind, but I don’t see anything below for it. I’ve used them in battles and crafted them, but nothing is triggering it.

not below but separate thread in forum

Someone will be along soon to help ya out there.

Understood that lol. I did a search and scrolled through tons of crap, but didn’t see one

Last words:
E: Use 10 energy bars. Level 5 of home mart works, let Jim rush then use the bars
L: Level up once.
V: Win 100 battles in any area of the game.
E: Get 3 cans( of any type).
S: Win 10 raids in a row.

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You da best!!! Thanks!

My homemart has no Jim at all. We do mean homemart the first level on world map and the 5th stage of that area don’t we?

Yeap. I’ve found this out, last wave of stage 5 has him

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Ty. Very odd that mine doesn’t.


It’s Gerald not Jim lol

Mine didn’t have a Jim either, but whoever it was did the trick by causing defense down on all my peeps. Two rushes did the trick.

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Oh it’s Jim in the first cutscenes, no idea with he’s called Gerald in game though

i have the energy bars…but cant get the cans. I have purchsed raid ans world cans. But still at 0 for 3.

I earned them through roadmap and missions. Purchasing them seems like it should have worked though. You just need to acquire 3 was my understanding.

Thanks. I tried the supply depot and got my E.

Yeah mine Gerald also I think it depends on the choices you make in that part

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