What does crosshairs do?

Played the roadmap but still dont understand the new effect crosshairs. Can anyone elaborate?

It’s crosshairs on your wallet


Questions like this will cost you 100 scopely dollars


I would also like this answer. Please have info available when u release a toon

More frustrating is that they didnt explain it at all in that roadmap…

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Jokes asides, just tested it and it decaps the crosshaired toon on kill


Thanks … I was running a decap team so I wasn’t able to determine

Not even gonna play the map out of protest lol

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Impairs for 3 turns when active is used.

@Niles that’s his weapon not crosshairs lmao

crosshair / crosses you hair gently so you fall afsleep, like that Pokemon :slight_smile: Once your teammate sleeps they you’ll be decaped… Simply :slight_smile:

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cross hairs and new toon = a lot of people gonna quit

thats what it does


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