What does an "unlisted" thread mean?

Who can see it & whatnot?

Nothing to see, just the outcome of my shortcomings :slight_smile:


Don’t hate the player…


Why do you even post on here?


It wasn’t the language as much as the double standard - majority get told to go to support, others told to message you directly.

You fan this fire youself at times Jb, seriously

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Love how people demand the two tier game-play (P2P vs non-spend)… BUT two tier support, people lose their minds

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I’d have happily settled for commonality across platforms and a deliverance of what has been promised regarding comms, probably the easiest of all the “promises” to achieve and yet the one that time and again is ignored, gets worse each gate/letter/week

Yea not really sure why everyone latched on to the joke being offensive or something who cared about the joke?


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Awful PR or whatever you do here. What on earth is this attitude? Arenas live with zero information, but you think you are so funny and cool replaying here.
Guess what, you are neither.


Everyone, if you know where to look. It’s still there. It hasn’t been deleted. It’s just not going to show up in the list of posts. The progression basically goes like this:

  • Open/listed - everyone can see it in the list of posts, everyone can comment on it
  • Open/unlisted - it’s not in the list of posts, but everyone can get to it with a direct link and everyone can comment on it
  • Closed/listed - everyone can see it in the list of posts but only moderators can comment on it
  • Closed/unlisted - it’s not in the list of posts and only moderators can comment on it
  • Deleted - it’s just gone (except moderators can still get to it, in a convoluted way)

It means someone got their feelings hurt and had to go to a safe place.

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LG, you are honestly the most informed, helpful, non-employee scopely has ever seen.


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