What do you want this weekend? (November).. your opinion

  • Cross Region War (again ¬¬)
  • All out of war
  • Faction Level up / Raid / Road to survival

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More than war, I want a gear event




Faction level up plz @JB.Scopely


Cross region faction level up…


Damn why didn’t I think of that! That sounds awesome.


Didn’t include Faction Onslaught? :joy::joy::joy:


Awful event :face_vomiting:


Onslaught and solo level ups.

Those 2 events are the best.


Please All Out of War this weekend :pray::pray::pray::pray:




Lol tagged kalishane she doesn’t even work here anymore Andrea she never talks just silently deletes posts and JB who’s off till Monday good luck with getting that aow :+1::joy:


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