What do you think you get when you save up the dog collars


I honestly think you get a marlon and rosie


um legendary gear?


Where did you see anything saying anything about saving up the collars for something?


Even Scopley aren’t that stupid. What benefit would this offer anyone? The purpose of these collections is to encourage continued participation at high level and, ultimately for Scopley, encourage a level of spending by players to do so. To release a premier toon at the end when the benefits (from a Scopely perspective) have already been realised is just nonsensical.


Ye gets one lash per unspent belt across the yardarm, ye scurvy dog!


:roll_eyes: You must be new around here.


You get a lot of collars


I’ve been wondering whether the leash is significant symbolically, like Scopely’s leash around the necks of our wallets.

LOL, etc.


Marlon and Rosie?

Bless your heart.


Knife sheaths!!! Oh wait…


Hahahahahah. Lol


Yeah I think you’re right. /s


You may be right on Marlon. Dont claim any of the leashes until the gear timer is over and let us know.


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