What do you think the ticket limit should be for winter event

Hey guys my first try at a poll please vote let’s tell @JB.Scopely what we want

  • Unlimited tickets
  • 2x tickets
  • 3x tickets

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Thing is it doesnt matter what we want, doesnt matter if limiting the tickets would make zero sense, everything is backwards from the company to the community.


These polls have worked in the past just vote bud

Its clear what the vote should be, any limit of tickets earned defeats the purpose of this event but i wouldnt be surprised at all. In fact, im expecting a limit and the winter tokens to be like 5 at the most with a limit on how many those can be collected. So something like 5 or 10 collections and the gear to be an insane amount to get 1 piece of gear with a limit on those as well. Cant be disappointed when all you expect is disappointment :wink: but i voted unlimited lol

I agree to an extent. Maybe they will do the right thing for once and it is Xmas after all . Give us something worth grinding for

So we got the update from jb … of course scopely is gonna screw up another event lol wow

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Bump 7 char

Vote mfs

Only money Scopley making off faction assault is in people buying cans to farm tickets.

No limit on tickets = more cans spent = more profit for Scopley. Win win, right?

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I agree also what’s the most you are gonna win ? A dupe

Should be unlimited, but as shown in a picture above it’ll be the same as it always is. Greedy bastards.

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Nice! An event that makes no sense lol but we are “crying” if we have anything to say about it, the scopely employees on here are exhausting. I’ll take it tho, im crying, boo hoo this event sucks!!!

They have worked man they changed crw a couple times now and made a aow into a crw …

Tickets should be unlimited or at least 8700 per person. This will allow faction of 30 people open the Nigan daily and not only once in 4.5 days.

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Players: we want unlimited tickets

Scopely: F your couch


One ticket

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