What do you think of me?

So what do you think about me.Just by hearing the name Steve Smooky what do you think.I always wanted to know.Some peopol hate my guts and others praise me…Tell me honestly. What you think


I have no idea who you are tbh


I ment for the peopol who knew.

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Who are you

A cool person.

Well destroying the line chats was pretty cool

Celine Dion comes to mind…

Hah jokes on you my fathers dead!

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You remind me why my mother didn’t want me

Nice job on making it look like an accident @SteveSmook

My mother dint want me either…

Mine didn’t want me because I was born just like you steve

Mother tucker really think anyone cares why you “roasting” people who dont know you I mean I dont but by how you talk and act your a eco maniac and I probably hate your guts

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Tell me are you that guy deadpool or someone random…

I am your father that went to buy signs 12 years ago

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You set me up for the dunk sorry

Can i get your name?

Steven Erwin

Another Steve.Welcome to my dungeon

The guy keeping Kenny relevant since Season 2