What do you think of daily login bonuses?

I like the daily rewards for logging in, may not seem like much but helping


What’s not to like about them? Plenty of free tokens plus what we get from tourneys for a couple of free toons. Never had it so easy before.


I’ll take anything that’s free

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Loving it. It might be a bit generous for new players, but it’s just what end game veterans need.

I’m also loving it. It’s great. It should have been implemented a long time ago but I’m really thankful for it. 2k epic tokens just for logging in a day is terrific. I get more tokens this say than I get in events =/ go figure. And the death doubloon Maggie one was awesome.

It’ll still be a hassle to level up and upgrade ultra rare and epic toons. So they won’t be that great off the bat. Hell, I got rares I can’t even upgrade yet in my second region.

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Two or even three
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I prefer this humor