What do you think is going on?

Ok after seeing what’s been going on as of late I’m going to throw my tupence opinion out there as to what I think is going on.
Recently it seems scopely are monetizing almost every aspect of this game, armoury , events, and judging by the WOC update it seems scopes will be milking that as well for maximum revenues, even the gutting out and totally devaluation of sc membership with this 2020 event is shocking, not to mention the total neglect taking place of features in the game that bring in little to no revenue e.g. 5*wheels
Now recently I read that scopes had another round of investment which pushed it’s companies valuation over the billion mark.
So I’m assuming all this monetizing is down to scopely having to create extra funds to pay off these mofos. Or they might find a horses head in their bed or something.
anybody else have any opinion or theories ?


I wouldn’t be surprised if RTS was taken over in the last year as a paid for experiment to see how many negative aspects a loyal customer base would accept from a company and still be willing to continue with the company.


Theory: after Scopely called PU’s bluff and they all went back to spending they realized they could put out literally anything at any price point and they’re fortunate enough to have a group of loyal deep-pocketed people that will still pay for it while it pushes away their loyal f2p but they don’t care as long as they’re getting their $$$


Theory: They don’t care about this game anymore. They’re focusing on the newer ones.

They also want to squeeze as much money as possible out of this before it dies.


It’s just a huge experiment on how much they can troll the player base before everyone quits. :thinking:


I think the game will be around for a long time to come, admittedly with a much smaller player base, they have proved they will monetize everything in the game and we have proven we will still play and people will still pay.

I think they don’t put much thought or effort into the game anymore they just put a price tag on much of it.
Their concerns and priorities are in the development of other apps, such as Star Trek.

They were able to develop a very strong and loyal player base that are hooked.
I wish I wasn’t addicted to the game because they really are the worst company I’ve ever had any experience with.


and people will continue to pay…

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I think it will be like Star Wars Galaxies EAEU they will make every1 a Jedi.

My opinion: They’re Greedy sobs and they realized that players will continue to spend no matter how unbalanced, broken and buggy the game is.
I feel like a broken record, but nothing will ever change as long as ppl keep throwing $$ at them :man_shrugging:

Keep Spending


Yeah, basically this. Once they realized PU had no real consequences, they reverted back to paying their community dust.

They pander to their paying customers in the game. The offers, the premium roadmaps, the OP premier characters will keep coming because people have been spending for them and will continue to despite the whining on the forums.

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Theory: they know there will be plenty of retirements after WOC. They saw it with the first one. They are pumping everything premium before they go hoping players will spend for any and all advantages. I think it will calm down after WOC. Or maybe not and they are just don’t placating the player base.

I think there are too many people who don’t know what they are doing and/or don’t communicate as a team in the marketing and programming departments.

Basically poor management. It reminds me of a famous high street name in the uk and their clothes Under their funky brand name.

You look at it and think “seriously? That’s so horrible. Who would wear it? And it’s frayed already.”

And then you discover they moved manufacturing to China and put someone with no clothing retail experience in charge and you think “oh, that explains a lot. I’m off to primark.”

So basically crappy management.


Theory and facts.
Scopely milking players very greedy.
Scopely dont upgrade aspects of game they cant monetize such scavenger missions for example.
Every event construction is focused on opening players wallets.
Gap between Ftp and PtW is bigger and bigger every week - it means scopely dont care players who dont spend anymore.
It can leads only to one direction: game end.
And before game ends they will milk players as much as possible.


Writing is on the wall

Game will last for a long time, most don’t have any idea how many whales carry this, few spending worth hundreds of thousands. They blindly buy anything that’s on sale, even the letter N.

“Game is dying” is a popular f2p slogan over the years it seems, in order to escape the inability to do anything about Scopely’s treatment, even nuking. All the while hoping they would bridge the gap but their care for whales and things like WOC increased drastically and they realise they are the ones those are going to carry this as long as possible. Cut from the same clothes imo. No offence.

About new players, it’s really easy to catch up which I’ve experienced first hand even as a f2p. Takes coupla months.

Bottom line
They ain’t losing much tbh. Except respect and love from the whole player base, which means doodoo to them after 4 years loool


This is my region, is this level up currently there’s 349 factions participating. This translates to between 349 and 10,470 players on our region.

Theres 48 English speaking regions in wave 3. If we use mine as an example that gives us between 16,752 and 502,560 estimated players.

I don’t think the games dead or anywhere near dead.

Its a very small majority of the actual player base on the forums, obviously you all share the same unhappy feelings about the game, which is echoed by pretty much every post on the forums, so if course you’re going to think everybody in the game feels the same.

Spenders gonna spend. Scopely knows this and to them nothing else matters.

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I think PU was a great idea, it failed though. If you honestly believe it was a success i would ask you to look at the state of the game. The balance and the gap have increased ten fold. I was all for PU and even joined in on it. However scopely said FU PU. the truth is that a few hundred players dictate how scopely runs the game and as long as they are spending scopely could give two shiva shits less. I am not asking people to stop spending because hey its their money and they can do whatever they want. I would honestly feel better about myself if i gave it away to charity than scopely.


They have a group of hard core spenders who shovel money down their throats faster than you can blink.
When everyone was supposed to be outraged by the bucket gate, these players said dont worry scopes, we’ll still give you pancake money.
Scopely saw this and acted on it.

The game is a joke. There is no balance or incentive for f2p.

My guess, the game will continue for awhile. Thankfully I’m pulling the plug come January 1st and will no longer be surviving or dealing with scopes antics. I’ll lurk here just to see what new kind of torture and screw ups scopes creates for the new decade.


You really think there’s 30 active players in those 300 ranked factions? :thinking:


Those scores are 1 person scores so really not many at all

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