What do you think about this Negan?


Worth it?


No his leader skill limits him, and his rush is awful. 600 flat damage… I’ll pass.


Yeah… that’s right I think he is good for attack


you find him by buying coins in about 4 hours… :frowning:


Honestly can’t find anything about him that makes me think he will be any good at all. but the maim damage could be ok, it is a reasonably quick rush, so maybe they are hoping he can go off 4 times to cause somewhere near the damage that most 6* toons can do in their one rush.


Save ur money bro, beta, or even madison ( rainbow lead ) are better.


Did someone pull Kay?


When I saw this Negan I thought: “wow 600 of damage to a line, this is great!” but in reality it’s very limited, ok, it has utility, but like a 6* it’s too much limited, it has a good ability leader, but is limited to strong chars, and have 600 of damage(when is level up) but is only this, it gives critical, but this is useless, if at least has a special damage, like confuse, stun, impair, bleeding or burning it will be great, but now is discouraging.


I think personally he is good even his leaderskill I’ll take put him with the other green six stars like Carl (who has AP gain) Shiva(stun active skill plus most put stun on her paws) Wyatt (taunts and has hold the line) Viktor (neutralize and has a decent rush) and give them all stun on attackal and that would be a awesome the 40 attack will be something that will be hated on defense against peopl… granted you can bring reds with neutralizer but with all I just mentioned above you will still have a very hard time


I’ve played around with him a bit. And honestly put, I’m pretty disappointed with him. His leaderskill doesn’t help much against all the Mirabelle lead teams out there. As long as the majority of players use her as lead, he is not gonna shine.

Exactly this. The flat damage simply doesn’t cut it. At the moment my Shiva does more damage in a regular attack, than his rush does. I mean it’s not even enough to cut a 4* down. xD
Maybe when everybody is running around with 5 maxed out 6* this will change, since the DEF values will be so high, that 6* chars won’t deal that much amount of damage with a regular attack anymore. But until then, Negan is not so great. At least that is my oppinion.


People either struggle with melee or range due to how different peoples roaster strength is or lack of knowledge they have with their roaster so if you wanted to build a good type of melee team negan is a good choice


I honestly do not think so. Using him as leader for an Attack Team is way to clunky. As I said, Mirabelle is going to hand your butt to yourself. And the rushes won’t go off fast enough.

I tried using him as defense lead in war battles, but he is not going to last long.


Well when I mentioned him you have to consider what you throw in like giving them stun on attack (which alot of people have in my region) and have the active skills on level 5 (which is going off round 2) and their is always room to improve like command Glenn when he drops for faster rush combined with Carls AP gain skill and faster rushes like the new tanky beta or people having multiple shivas ( I know people that have3-4) so their is options


I’m waiting for Glenn coming out aswell. If you have a Carl, you’re better of using him as lead for defense.

I don’t have 2-3 Shivas, but I bet, they’d rock with almost any sort of lead. Put them behind a Carl or someone like Ben, add a Glenn and whatever you like and you’re good to go.

Negan itself is not a great toon. For sure he works when you put fancy weapons on him and a super great backline. But then again, many characters would works this way. This doesn’t qualify him as a great toon.
And speaking about weapons, I have over 50 tries on a green stun weapon. No luck so far.


Dont need to worry about boobs if you have shiva also, keep confusing and stunning the biatch :joy:


Am not saying negan is better lead then carl or that negan won’t be getting owned by mirabelle teams but negan leaderskill is still good what my not work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else when it comes to different people depending on the region and/or faction


His meme damage is more of a situational thing as I imagine from it it’s flat damage so even if he gets a attack debuff it won’t change the amount of damage from his rush and can still be useful for Carl teams exspecially since the stats of newer toons that come out seem to continue being a power creep in some way shape or form


Doesn’t maim block healing or something? Also he gives crit so is good for zeke popping too.
If you have a strong green team he would be great, otherwise he’d be alright in a carl team.


I never said that you said that he is a better lead. I’m also not saying he doesn’t work at all. I pointed out he can work in some scenarios and might become more valuable in the future.

All this doesn’t change the fact though, that at the moment he is not worth going for. His rush is bad and he is countered by the most commonly available 6* out there - namely Mirabelle. He is simply falling of big time compared to other available 6* at the moment. And that has nothing to do with my own preferences.

You yourself needed to construct a superb team with awesome wepons around him, to see him work out. Most people don’t have that available though. My point still stands, he is one of the weaker 6* out there atm. Which is admittedly sad.

1 Shiva is not enough to keep her at bay though. Shive needs at least 2 attacks to charge her 66 AP rush. Even more with Negan as lead, since he doesn’t give AP. And you loose one turn when you Shiva’s stun. So you need at least another char with stun or AP drain.


Do you think it is possible to scopely make any change to this char?