What do you think about thessoon to be update



Well, I know the store won’t be as good as it looks in beta. The coin rewards will probably be meh. It’ll just be something new but it’s not going to bring anyone back or be an enticing feature to a lot. Maybe just to those who are already on top because they already benefit.


Ppl said the same thing about the 5* ascendable reward mission before the last update…


The coins tend to be just a beta thing. Normally used as placeholders right?


Yes. It’s just incentive for people to actually do things in beta.


It looks interesting but I’ll probably get screwed by it like with everything else in this game


That only some people would benefit from it? I’m sorry but I don’t really know what people said except that it was good to get a free legacy toon.


Leagues adds nothing new to the game. It’s just adding another layer of points for doing the exact same things we already do. War, Raids, SR, with one single addition and that is attacking humans in territories. There are no points awarded for attacking walkers.

All are fine except for the last one. It means med and small factions won’t be able to hold any spots, ever. Maybe even the large factions without constant micromanagement. I strongly suggest you drop territories from leagues. Or at least until you fix the crash bug. How long has that been going on now?

And we all know as far as the new store goes it will take at least 6 months to a year to be able to afford one 6-star toon and you can bet it won’t be for any of the top tier ones either. Scopely and generosity do not cross paths often. Even in the beta after the first season ended they removed the toons from the store for the second season.


They said the “free legacy” wont make it out of beta. And, it did. :man_shrugging:


How much do the toons cost with league tokens?

How many league tokens do we get per event roughly?

50 coin refresh seems reasonable, make the supply depot that low and make mad coin.

I like the addition of leagues, adds another layer to the game


So far with league tokens the 6 stars only cost 1 token but that amount will undoubtedly go up when they go live.


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