What do you think about the 6 star ivanova


i think shes ok but her special weapon would need crit if she has guardian 2


Her rush gives her and 2 others 50 crit for 2 turns, she’s fine without a crit weapon.


i run all melee and i don’t like her i thinks she ok but not great


Not a fan. Her active skill is the best thing she has going imo. Guardian 2 is good but her weapon is trash and her ar is mediocre.


The vk promo shows her having no wepon
We have had a lot of atking toons but I would use her over zeke
For.multiole reasons
If you consider her like this she out classes beta amd kal which is a nice bonus
Next up 58ap self crit
On atk I do like having a. G2 but there are a lot of 6* who recover impair and recover stun is a less avalible josh isn’t. Tooo bad but I could use someone way. Better
So having someone like iva in his place would be better
SHes good. And is worth some. Money
And let’s face it if you’re really bringing iva to a fight. Of all. Reds you know sjes gonna die
I want to bring her to a carl team or garret team insted because because that’s where she’ll shine
If we go oh well gov will kill her so. She useleess then ya might as well be also adding that gov is useless caise michonne and michonne useleess cuz Rick trait advantage is a obvious downside to every toon and if a toon didn’t have trait weakness then they would break the game if they had something like a Erika eush
She’s balenced and therefore Shes good


Only useful for SR


She’s ok at best. Her stats are middle of the road, she doesn’t have high attack or high defence. Sure, she has high HP but HP is the worst stat of the 3.

Many people are calling her an improved Beta. To some extent that’s quite true. She has a quick rush, but delivers little damage, she impairs 3 for 1 turn and buffs herself and other 2 characters with +50% crit. It’s okay, I guess.

The downside comes in form of her weapon. The only green specials that are worthwhile are, AP Down or Stun on attack. If you compare her with the other traits she would come down at the bottom, seeing that reds have stun on taking damage and yellows have abs. defence. Even with AP down she would be an easy target on defence. If you are thinking of using her on attack, Kal does a better job as he delivers more damage and taunts for 2 turns, since there aren’t too many heal taunt running around, he would be a better option for attack.

As far as defence goes, either you keep Zeke if you are melee oriented or Hershel if you are ranged oriented.

She doesn’t bring anything new to the table. She’s definitely not a must have. If she was part of an event, I’d say go for it. Since she’ll be a premier recruit, I’d say pass and wait for the next promo.


Hit the nail on the head. Thanks for saving us money!


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