What do you spend coins on?

So due to get 640 coins from leagues and was wondering people’s opinions on what’s best to spend them on obviously due to bucket law I dont pull for toons any more. I have been buying the torch bags from the shop but there usually low quantity. Just wanna try and get as many blue keys as I can as quick as I can for SClass Pete

Level up bags,

Very rarely I spend em on Premier recruits to disappoint

Unless youre gonna save coins for a couple 40 pulls dont pull, i spend mine on for sure offers like lets say i need 10 of an item for an event and a bag in offers has then then i will get that or i buy energy cans or coin ygl, pretty much everything else is a waste since we are put into buckets and have no idea what bucket we are in


I like my bucket

I buy the torch bags with coins whey they are the cheaper bags and not 325 coins.

If you don’t want to save them, refreshing the supply shop garentees 5 refills now for 200 coins, the wrinkled shirt gear bag for 70 coins when it pops up. Refresh league store gear if you need more of something to level up


Oh yea those glove/shirt bags, i buy those all the time, refreshing the depot for cans i dont do much but sometimes

I always spend mine on war, war cans and the occasional coining that’s needed. I will sometimes use coins on “sure” beneficial things. Special energy on a limited map if it benefits me well

single pulls of disappointment because I am an addict.

gotta be in it to win it!

have zero new promos.

Exactly what I do, I can’t save for this very reason!


Just hoard them and save up for a big pull

Just got this dude a few minutes ago

Torches lots of torches as most things are up to rng at least I am guaranteed at the end something good and useful.

Refresh supply depot for cans me

i have a gambling problem so of course i spend it on the premier recruits wheel

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Toura is in a good bucket

My list of spend

  • Cans to win events
  • Trainers bags to try to win level up (the 175 one with Burts is the best offer)
  • Torches to pull the S Class itens (the 130 one, with 75 minimum if you buy the 5 bags, is the best offer)

I never spend on wheels because I already have a good roster and the odds are pathetic.
I collect coins watching Tapjoy ads every day and from weekly league.

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Buy the 300 gold offer for raid cans is a better deal so far.

almost as pathetic as my roster

How are you getting these coins to spend on stuff? Tap joy has had poo offers for the past 3 months and the videos are mainly 2-3 a day if I’m lucky