What do you play when Scopely breaks the game?

This time they broke CRW. What will be next week? Next day?

I’m playing the old and classic Oblivion when the game does’t work like today (or last week, or the week before)

And you?

Metal Gear Solid Revengance, Moonlighter
, American Fugitive and Niffleheim. Going for 100% achievements.
And its been a long time since i played RTS. On phone i play Fury Survior Z sometimes

I do play on myself most of the time, otherwise I enjoy my free time.

People still take a mobile game way too serious. Best example is now CRW and how the majority goes nuts because they cannot sit in front of their phone all weekend long.


If it’s a cellphone game, i play Fire Emblem Heroes or Kaiju Rush
If it’s pc games we talk, i play the sims
But usually i just wait it out watching youtube videos or playing final fantasy 14

People whine and bitch about how horrible the rewards are and then are upset when they can’t compete for those rewards :woman_shrugging:t2: But to answer your question, This is the only game I play so when it’s acting up I have more time to enjoy the outside world.


I play with matches and when bored of that go outside and throw rocks at people.
They like.

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Sekiro. It’s really f-ing challenging.

I play Youtube :joy: and games that are actually fun and balanced.

Life… RTS is a bastard for the amount time it already gets