What do you like/hate the most of this game?


What are the things that like the most of this game and what are the things you hate the most of it?


Like: the game
Hate: spending money on the game


so don’t


Hate the fact that there no trading system between players


Like: the game
Hate: the devs :smiley:


Like: RNG working in my favor.

Hate: RNG.


Like: When Scopely actually listens
Dislike/HATE: Their crappy service


Like: the trend for a free new toon every month.

Hate: holding back old 5* to be ascendable.


Love: days with level up tourneys

Hate: days without level up tourneys

So very few hate days :wink:


I like playing the game simply as that. I don‘t like the trolls on this forum.


Hate: horrible in-game support, rng on nearly everything, removal of old farmable (not rng) gear maps, everything is overpriced, 1ascendable toon in depot=55 5* toons, survival road tourney is Always during can Thursdays, basic tokens ugh, crashing territories and horrible in-game support again

Love: spending my time trying to figure out why I still play…


Hate: RNG, hate not having a concrete bad luck limiter

Pro: It’s not subscription based yet


Hate: Support responses to nearly everything

Like: trolling support after they respond in some obscure way with unrelated information.


Like: The game design, characters, and events

Dislike: Promos


Like: the game, toons

Dislike: prizes, prize structure, lack of 6* gear roadmaps, lack of communication from Scopely


Like: building up my roster

Disike: year old bugs and toon nerfing/breaking (bye bye Pam)

Hate: Zeke and his ^#$%@ shields xD


like: pwning people in level up tournaments

dislike: too many overlapping tournaments. which has devolved to the point of stopping in the middle of war to insert an awful/useless level up tournament no one wants and now TWO pay to win sr tournaments this week that are impossible to finish on natural energy.


Hate:Dramadealers and freeloaders


Like= nothing
Hate= everything

Hehe :slight_smile:


Like: less and less. Only thing that I really like are the people I play with

Hate: the greed this game is ran with. It’s like a drug dealer giving you a couple of shots before they ask you lot’s of money for a shot. Just look at the shortage of lilliths. You got them for completing SR. Then they totally put you on a dry streak for months. Then they restored the lilliths but make the tournament so short you have to spend. Greed. It’s only frustrating. It’s not getting people to spend…