What do you guys think of faction hoppers?


Just curious on the communities opinion of it.


In my 2 years of playing I’ve been in about 10 different factions so I guess I’m considered as a faction Hopper and I don’t like that title I feel like if someone leaves a faction it’s for a good reason, but I know a lot of ppl shame ppl for faction hopping and that’s no good.


not sure because i bounce between #1 and friends factions all the time, so someone else would have to say how they felt about people like me


Me personally, i value loyalty and honesty. I despise what i call a snake, someone who lies, cheats, backstabs, has an alternative motive, etc. As i see it as weakness and as one being a coward, i get this game and real life is all about taking advantage of a situation to get ahead or you will get left behind but if your faction has your back then i am for you riding and dying with your faction so to say. Seen some hope to the number 1 spot only for that fac to fall apart cause it was built on bs and full of snakes, then oh look who do they come crawling back to lol loyalty and honesty my 2 biggest things i value but thats just me


Also ive been in a few factions, i consider a faction hopper is someone who lets say is in the rank 4 fac and hops to rank 2 or 1 the 1st chance they get while the 4th fac was always kind, supportive, etc. Fac hopping to me is someone chasing numbers


Nothing wrong with it as long as you aren’t a toxic player. (Cause drama, leave right before war without a heads up, not contributing to the faction, join just for prizes, etc.) And as long as you and your temporary faction(s) understand the terms of your stay.


In my opinion, one needs to stay in ONE faction for a while, otherwise people will grow to dislike you and your faction-hopping habits. If you jump once in a while, but climb the ladder at the same time, people will understand, but they won’t understand you just hopping and hopping and hopping.


I faction hop a lot, from #1 to lower factions. My faction knows why and they’re ok with it. They know i always go back when I’m needed. But honestly it’s annoying to carry the same people all the time, and I believe that’s one of the main reasons why people faction hop. Everyone wants good rewards but no one wants to put in the effort


i have had the hopper or nomad/wanderer stigma, i admit i jump back and forth from time to time, at least i use to in mcintosh. but everyone knew and understood when i did. i have also left #1 or 2 prizes and joined under 10th, just to chill with a friend or friends. imo one can hop around and do so for reasons not “snake like”


Faction whòŕès are the worst. :expressionless:


I’d be more ticked if a new member joined a rank 2 faction & bounced 3 weeks later for rank 1 without a word. However, if you arent happy in a faction why stay? The next one may not be better either…


I’ve been the same way. Prior to transfers, I was always popping around to different factions to help out in events. But, always loyal to my main home base for CRW, or if they needed me for something else.


Can’t stand it. I’ve only been in 3 factions. The 2nd one was simply 20 of us from the 1st one starting a new one because of the leader. I left that one because it became very inactive. I don’t plan on leaving this one unless I leave the game (which seems inevitable). We are currently #5. We’ve had a few from the top 3 factions join us but when their old factions beg them to come back, they go running back. So our policy is players can leave once and come back but that’s it. It’s hard to keep a stable crew with so much hopping around


In my case my 5th ranked faction broke up and I started applying to multiple facs. The 8th ranked fac was the first to accept me, but about a day later, I got an offer from 1st and 4th fac. I moved bc I didn’t rlly have an attachment to the fac yet.


transfers blew loyalty to a degree out the window. I left a toxic region, joined another region & decided i didnt want to settle down just yet & transferred again, so i am in fact region travelling funded by coins from leagues. I may stay where i am now tho, but I may also go back to my 1st transfer region.


I get it the loyalty thing but like in life you need to do whats best for you and lets be honest in those 5-15 are always 5-10 guys that put more than half the effort and the rest do little, so if you put effort and time to do your best why remain in the same spot helping the leeccher?

And even in a top 3 fact you can find those leechers, guys that could have a premier roster but on the weekend the only score 5-10k on 2-4 fights and they went MIA for the rest of the weekend and i despise more those guys i mean i can go 150-300k per war like some brothers in my guild is awful to have to carry those 10k guys just because they have some premiers and are friends of the faction lead



I think faction hoppers are just playing a game.

Whereas people who howl about how disgusting faction hopping is have mistaken the game for a religion.


While I am not considered a faction hopper, I do not believe in faction loyalty because come on guys this is just a game and playing for better rewards is part of it. It is too bad that decent rewards haven’t been a thing for a while! Anyway, I personally think that there shouldn’t be much drama if someone decides to leaves a faction whether he been there for 6 months or 6 minutes for the reason of pursuing a better faction. Instead, it should motivate the people in that faction to do better. That way, they can become the faction that good players would want to join instead of the faction that good players would want to leave (sometimes secretly, because of “loyalty”). Just my opinion though!


not everyone leaves their faction just for better rewards, I’ve left a number 3 faction to go to a number 1 faction but I never cared about rewards just wanted to play with some friends meet new people and I’ve also left a number 1 faction to go to a number 2 faction to play with different ppl and test my strength see if I could beat them so maybe it’s just me but I feel rewards have very little to do with the decision to leave a faction or not just do what u wanna do go where u wanna go just make sure you’re having fun doing it, and that’s how I feel about that lol