What do you guys think of disarm Michonne?

So I love Michonne, shes one of my favorite characters in WD and i got lucky and pulled her yesterday and she fits perfectly with my fast/tough team! i just wanted to know your feedback on what combat mods i should use and what weapon mods i should use, thank you!

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I personally modded her out defensively so she could survive long enough to not only disarm, but have as much chance to proc the confuse on her weapon as possible


I use her still on my main attack team. I use defensive mods on her. I use Crit Chance, Defense vs Yellow, Confuse resist and AP Down mod since her AR hits twice she will have 2 chances to AP Down the enemy. And for her weapon I have 35 crit, huge bonus to AP on attack and Confuse on attack.


did you replace her 30% attack or her AP bonus? my lead has a huge bonus to AP, and 40% HP bonus to tough and fast, so i’m thinking of replacing the Medium AP with bonus crit/defence upgrades, but then again i kinda wanna replace the Medium AP bonus with huge AP bonus.

Always go for Huge AP on weapons in my opinion. You never know what teams you might run in the future and those extra few AP per turn could make a difference on if your toons will rush a turn earlier or not. So Huge AP on attack is 1 option I always look to for most characters.

As for her 30 attack, I switched it out for the 30 crit like many others have as well. She is a disarm toon and her main purpose is to disarm, which requires crit hits.

I would go for 30 crit until you get it, then go for 2 tries for Huge AP on attack, and if you get it on the first try, then spend your last upgrade to to try to get +5 more Crit.


I still use her on my main attack team (then again, I’m ftp, so she’s one of my best attack toons)


im ftp too, after i max out stephanie and michonne i’ll have a super great ftp team!

my current FTP attack team is

Mirabelle Lead

Blue Konrad


Disarm Michonne

and Christa

but once I max out and ascend Raulito, Davie, and Lacerator Rick, it’s going to be

Raultio Lead

Lacerator Rick

Lacerator Davie


Christa w/ Bleed Mod and Splash Damage weapon

Leader: Fast Javier

Fast Niya w/ fire starter

Alert Governer w/ Evasion

Fast Shiva w/ Lacerator

Alert Christa w/ waste not

that’s my current FTP team but i’m gonna replace Governer and Shiva with Steph and Michonne and i’ll finally have an amazing team after all this time

at this point i’m just begging for a 6* healer, i don’t care if it’s the crappiest one in the game as long as it’s fast/tough i’m not complaining whatsoever :(((

hoping for next league store to have one

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I have two one with double hit and one with confuse I use the double hit one way more

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That’s also the way I went. She hits like a brick shithouse when her AR doubles up. I’ve taken out S Class Pete in one of her rushes. I definitely recommend trying for x2 attack if OP has enough crafting mats for it. And also, it’s super weird because I modded her with attack mods with crit damage and crit chance so she usually gets to rush once, dies, then when Holly revives her, shes able to rush again. She’s super useful even as a glass cannon

Put her behind a shield and/or revive. She falls over when you look at her. I was so excited when I got her at Christmas but she’s never used now. So disappointing.

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