What do you enjoy doing while waiting for war?


I have found myself for almost 2 years now preparing myself for weekend wars a week in advance to clear my schedule for the whole weekend to be focused on the event.

I normally go shopping on Thursday and get good things to cook in the crackpots throughout the weekend, as well as getting some snacks.

I normally find a series to binge watch on HULU and Netflix, bit as you can imagine, after almost 2 years of this ritual, good titles start to dwindle.

I used to have a female companions come over during war weekends to binge watch shows but after not paying them much attention for 10 -12 hours straight, I found they would get tired of talking to themselves

It sounds like I need counseling more than another weekend of war, but believe it or not, I’m happy and content.

What rituals do you enjoy doing during war weekends that help pass the time and keep you occupied during those long scout times before battle?


Long and frequent poop breaks so I stop getting “the look” from my wife


I do the shopping on Fridays and always end up buying fast food and stuff that it’s not healthy but I still love it. Pizzas, cookies, Nutella, chips and so on.

I do also prepare some movies and series too. I lay down with my ipad and war alongside some entertaining film.

Mornings are slow paced action so that’s when I do laundry and cleaning :sweat_smile:


I have found myself when actually going to sleep, waking up every hour or two and see what the score is and cheer the faction on.

Very slow mornings indeed :slight_smile:


I’m honestly glad that I am not married now due to my no lifing the games would be grounds for some kind of adultery surely :slight_smile:


Oh man, this game has changed my whole sleep routine. It scares me to think how long ago was the last time I slept 8 hours. RTS is the best alarm I’ve found :scream:


Sounds like the struggle is real in this thread :joy:




Either play on the Xbox in between matches (something I can pause nothing live), watch tv or surprisingly I actually find it quite easy to get work done as war gives me frequent breaks.


Since I work every week-end. I find my self turning my bathroom breaks into bathroom vacations while I’m in a war.

Ah the joys of how i’m not fired yet. #winning #off-topic #still-here


I like to level up. Once I reach level 125 I will lose some interest similar to being level 100 under the old cap.


Diddling myself to thoughts of Blackfish.


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