What do you do with all your food/materials during Hoardes?

With hoardes going on I have so much. I already maxed daily scrap and I don’t have any level up needs right now.

Anything else to use them for or do you just let it all go to waste?

When not throwing my phone at the sofa because Hordes has crashed the game again. Just create grenades & energy cans.

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Make deluxe food leave all material for people to raid. Until daily mission resets then call them in for scraps.
Wasting material to make things only waste the stuff needed to make weapon parts so you can craft failed weapons.

I drop my D and let people take it.

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Energy can?

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Assume they meant deluxe replenish

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Hi there. I make granades and smelling salt in my workshop to store wood. Upgrade something around your town also works. For food same thing, Use the most expensive item in your workshop. You can then sell these items back for the wood and food later

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I’ve been making Elegant Incense for years with all my extra wood. I’m almost at 3000.

High replenish with food and for wood i make the red or blue gas nades, they need to remove the 2 mil cap on converting to scraps if we will be having mod level up events cause no one is buying scraps to “compete” in a mod level up event

This is assuming they are a higher level player, when you suggest making things with materials.
No player who has not farmed for years or not paying the $25 a month scam should waste any of the gear needed to craft parts for weapons to lower materials.
That is just bad advice being the same stuff needed to make any of the above mentioned items is needed for crafting parts for the 10k fails to maybe 1 successful weapon.

Oh believe me there will be enough :sheep: who will buy scraps just to have an advantage if they really start such event.

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