What do you do for a living?


Some of us are old enough to work :slight_smile: , would be cool to see the diversity of jobs represented within the game , I’m 41 years old and a hotel manager on a ship love my Job wake up in a different port every day , what are the other professions on here ??!!


I work for a software company selling backup and disaster recovery software to businesses. 28 Years old.

  1. Doctor. Love playing between patients to stay busy/avoid colleagues :wink:


Software engineer in a game company, 28yo.


Geoscientist for an oil & gas company. 25 y/o :unicorn:


I own a wildlife removal company and pest control company. 46 years old. Animal trapper

I forgot to add my favorite picture, we had a customer put our payment in an envelope and they put it on top of the trap…yup that Raccoon pulled it in to the trap and this is what we found when we got there.


You guys have cool jobs! I work at Wal-Mart. :frowning: Lol i am the warehouse supervisor tho lol


35… Architect… play RTS on bluestacks hidden behind outlook :grin:


Government negotiator.


28 y/o software engineer in a fintech company.


Apparently, I farm TWD:RTS. That’s sort of what you have to do to get ahead in this game.


I survive everyday because that’s just what we do.


I work in Corporate finance for an FMCG company.


Physical and digital security


Former air traffic controller. Do pest control during the day and manage a budding music career by night.


22 years as a diesel tech till my body couldn’t handle it anymore. Now I live off my trust and work at Sams part time. 46yo


I am batman


I am 30 years old …logistics warehouse General manager


I’m an IT Consultant, Specializing in Oracle and Encryption


I am 35 and retired from Drywall/Sheetrock with a back injury after 17 years, so now i am full time dad part time Pizza delivery.