What do y'all think about this team?


With everyone ascended, what do y’all think about this Yellow team?


i think its yellow


No real threat and too one dimensional. Perhaps throw in an Andrea, Lee or something?


Which Andrea? I have Lee, what do You recommand?


Alpha like this :slightly_smiling_face:


My yellow team


What’s your best gun for Lee?


Keep Javier take out Connor and put som1 with more damage


Your problem is that you won’t kill anything with that. No attack bonus from Javier’s leaderskill. Joshua, Duane and Connor don’t hit hard enough.

Duane is very underrated, and Javier is good.

I run Yellow Rick lead, Javier, Duane, SR Zeke and Romanov as a hard and fast fast team and it’ll eat shield Magna for breakfast


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