What do we think will break this release?

My guess is that Martinez will show up in green wheel after release. Then odds will be updated to 100% trainer 0% Martinez…

Have we seen a leak for Martinez? I seem to recall we’ve got a bunch of toons to work through still following the last VK Leaks

On hard press of green tokens in offer it says you can get him with those tokens…

Yeah I know. But have VK leaked a character card?

They have, but it was TBD

My guess is more issues with maim.

Will probably be released in an expensive stash now

image image

Not a full card and this has been up for a while


Morgan… Again

Well I noticed that disarm michonne still dies from reflect dmg when the character with a reflect weapon was disarmed. So there is that!

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You sure it wasn’t a mod?

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