What do u think about this team?

Carl - Maggie - Shiva - Glenn - Ezekiel

Stun - Absolute def - Stun - Stun - 38 crit + 35 crit.

It’s making me uncomfortable that Maggie is not next to Glenn and Shiva is not next to Ezekiel


Gonna get this Maggie leveled. Then it is as good as a f2p def team you get these days.

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Template, but with the right weapons you’ll get defends

I think weapons are good, what do u mean with that? Ap down?

Looks pretty good. That team is standard solid D these days on my server. Does Zeke have abs def? Wasn’t clear… If not, that team becomes less effective.

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But zeke needs to guard, not abs i think.

Top-shelf Kukri’s have both abs def and +crit… He can do both :slight_smile:

U mean 40 crit and abs i got it but if i do that, guard chance is lower than bonus crit and this can do ezek useless.

Yup, chance for guard is slightly lower, but chance for guard is even worse with a dead zeke :expressionless:

Abs on zeke is a must for me…

Nice team overall I would play around with zeke weapon between the crit and AD weapon u have for him but I feel like if you have shieldchonne with AD I would sub out zeke for her. Having maggie and shiva on the team one of them is gurateened to go off quick and will create a lock up so best to let someone to waste a stun active skill on shieldchonne so maggie and shiva can do their thing seeing how most average players have shiva.

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I went +35 Crit, 30% Def, +35 Crit special.
I agree that if you’re not “forced” to attack an Abs Def, it’s not worth much these days.
Counter-point to ref’s post: Doesn’t matter if Zeke is alive, if he isn’t proc-ing Guardian; that IS his [prime] function. And also, halving the Crit possibility (by going with AD) is a bit more significant than the chance being “slightly lower.” :wink:

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Going for abs def on zeke is significantly more beneficial in a windowless team… As @newipwhodis mentioned, if it ain’t windowless, then I agree with you and that is a very sweet weapon.

I don’t know the actual odds, happy to see the actual calculations but I’m not convinced you ‘half’ the chance by going abs def in place of the stats on the weapon you mentioned above. That definitely doesn’t feel like the case for me when I play.

Agree shields are his main priority, but he’s equally strong taking out pesky blues and recovering impair. I’d still prefer my zeke alive and not being hit first and being used as an AR punching bag without abs def (in a windowless team).