What do u think about the clover tokens

is it good whats better pulls of stash

Bread & circuses, management fiddles while the game burns.

The stash sucks less.


It’s a bonus to the necklace event, free stuff got more free :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Just curious, how does the top faction acquire like 26.6k tokens already. Was looking at the leaderboard and noticed.

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I wandered the same thing…current available tokens for f2p is 30 tokens per person…30 faction members should mean a current f2p max of 900 tokens? Unless I am missing something here?

You get Clover tokens witb coin purchases. 1,200 for the $99.99 package and it lessens as you spend less.

I’m gonna earn my necklaces through milestones. As necessary as epic trainers and silver medals are, I honestly think I’m gonna save the tokens and convert them to supply markers. Call me stupid for saying this but I want to buy another legacy toon from the depot despite already having 6 others in queue for ascension. Ty is my top priority next to Wanderer than Andrea.

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You’ll get like 1 supply point per token

So the real competition in this event is whoever spends the most. I know most of the tournaments are this way but in most of the tournaments there is at least a chance for someone who has prepared well can compete without spending. This one is only about spending. And to market it as faction helper, total crap.

I believe I can see the end for me.

Just noticed that, thanks. Also, holy shneikes those guys dropped some dollar.

I’m doing stash 1st 1 pull from neckless or 10 from stash to me it’s a no brainer to me

Gonna quote myself here:

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Yep once I seen low pull amount I didn’t waste my time

Free supply of ascendence medals/5* tokens/trainers off of the stash. Don’t really care much for the event tho.

I burned thru trainers last 3 level ups so I have to rebuild plus I’ll take free medals there not being handed out like crazy anymore

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