What do u think about my team


My team conistes of
six star rick rise to power
4 star greg fairbanks
5 star yellow govenor (the one with the special weapon)
5 kenny (to heal)
5 star carl (to heal)


Alright for a starter team, who is your leader?


rick rise to power


Says your in Richmond region… Bit behind eh… But gotta start somewhere


i have s2+ because of them do u want to know the weapons?


they are
the govenors is his special hp buffed
violent bowie knife for rick with med bonus hp to him when attacking as well as 25% attack and 15% crit
cultist knife for greg fair with 20% attack and a mad bonus to ap when taking damage
jesus hopeful rifle for kenny with 31% hp med bunus to ap when attacking and bonus def when hp more than 70
carls is mixed because i have 6 alert weapons but th two main ones are for walkers is a violent revolver 33% attack and 20% attack with bonus crit when hp mor than 70 and raids is precise scope smg with 30% crip a very large bonus to ap when attacking and bonus def when hp more than 70

But i got a joshua that revives and stuns so he’ll need a stun gun and bunus hp and ap.


Greg was my first fast that wasn’t a healer. He’s been a decent 4*


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