What do the WHALES really want?

I am curious on what would make them happier, or even if they are satisfied in the direction of the game. Lets face it they are a big driving force.

Do they feel they are receiving less competition? Do they like it this way?

Please speak up and let us know

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As an ex whale - to break the addiction (whether this is a conscious or sub conscious desire).

I mean that in all seriousness btw not as a dig in any form. Also, not saying all whales are addicted, talking from my experience only.


My honest opinion “Whales” spend on the game because they like it and are competitive. They are also smart enough to see when the path isnt sustainable and people are quitting which is giving them less competition. Also they can tell they are being milked for money and it’s not being used to make the game better. The money is being used to only create more content to generate more money. Like anyone paying for a product like they are you want to feel like you are getting your money’s worth and being valued as a customer and not a hostage being extorted.


Bane seems to have plenty of whales involved in #pu and they want the gap to get closer. Maybe they’re tired of just plowing through us lol


I want this game to just die tbh. It’s pretty much ruined.


Ummmm just quit??? Although I think it would be good for us if it did die I’m not ready for it to just yet. Best thing to do is get drunk (at home and don’t dive!!!) and Depot your roster if you want it over with.

to be honest I don’t think it’s about closing the gap.

More like not making the premier toon you pulled for 1-2 months ago that cost you a lot of money useless by releasing so many OP toons every single week.

If i’m gonna put money on this game, make it so the toon is usefull for a long time or if you wanna keep pumping out these new OP toons, just make them a lot cheaper.


Both should happen

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Some whales want less competition and an easy road while some only want to compete at the highest level.

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I like watching fires burn. I’d also rather give away my account but I don’t like anyone enough to do that.


U can watch it burn just fine from this forum lol


Maybe we’re all just masochists and just can’t help ourselves

Competition and a sustainable game. Prizes that also reflect the money spent and effort required would be nice.

Biggest event is crw and it’s just a plethora of Vincent’s and Jeremiah’s. Disgusting.


It’s spelled out on the Players United original post.


I want a new op toon to wreck every team :heart_eyes:

Powerful toons and the ability to destroy F2P teams. They don’t want a game centered around skill or thought.

Basically they want to be able to justify their addiction.


Not true. Whales have some of the greatest team setup thoughts and ideas. Finding those that are willing to help others out isn’t that hard either. And yeah, it’s easy to setup an OP s10+ team of all the latest premieres I get it, but not all whales are like that. Most genuinely want a challenge


Yea you figured it out. It’s so hard to destroy f2p teams. They need to keep pumping them out because they keep bouncing against them and can’t win a war. You are a genius.

Maybe they should just create a new toon. Specialist skill… insta skill a prestige 11.

Disagree. Stand by what I said. They don’t want competition. Just auto and move on.

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Sorry not true. Facing the top factions in war most F2P are gone in 2-3 minutes. Exactly what the spenders want.