What do the different colors of pain split represent?

I noticed that when I use pain split, there are different colors: orange, blue, purple, green, etc. What exactly do the colors represent, or is it just Scopley’s way of trolling their players with different colored orbs…

It’s possible to have more than one pain split link active at any one time. Each colour represents a link for pain split

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Hmmm. I thought it was like a def, atk, hp boost. Thanks.

Np! Check it out next time you use it. The first time its activated will be orange (for example) - the toons with that status and colour are linked together

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Princess and Yumiko keep hogging pain split though. Each time I use it,Princess gives it to Yumiko. Lmao :joy:

Cause she had the biggest amount of HP left

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Its something to do with her splitting with the toon with the highest HP iirc or highest remaining HP.

She should ALWAYS pain split with yumiko in that line up as far as I can recall.

The combat guide may have more information - the above is all from memory

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I don’t have a combat guide.

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See link above lol

Oh crap. Sorry. Typed before you posted.

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