What do I do if a small group of players are being toxic/bullies?

To the point I darent even speak up in global chat anymore as they’ll immediately start talking to me like trash and accuse me of trying to start trouble even when I’m only saying hi etc.
“I know your type blah blah blah”
I’ve reported the main instigator because they were being absolutely vile but nothing was being done. Hardly anyone speaks in global because they’ll just latch and attack if you say ANYTHING they don’t like

Block them and take nothing personally


Literally though if you block them and they find out through you talking to other people they’ll have you kicked from your faction as these nasty, toxic little bullies are also known as ‘Guardians’ aka they’ve been around for years

What region? Get a bunch of thick skinned mofos to come over and give them a taste

Might sound harsh but if a faction would ignore your contributions and yourself and boot you, just because some GC goblins said for them to, it probably wasn’t a faction worth staying in


There’s only 2 or 3 active factions where I’m at so if I get booted from one I’m basically dead in the water :’L

And I haven’t got a key to transfer or I would be doing when they open

Agree with this, and if the region is this negative to you there is always transfers coming up. Don’t know your situation though.

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More fool them if the region’s that small and they can afford to kick players for stupid reasons. They’ll come begging for you back eventually

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Sorry, but how/why do these people have the power to get you kicked from a different faction?

And take it from someone who has a) been threatened with being murdered and buried in someone’s basement by a new fac member (who didn’t last in my fac) and b) had a witch’s curse put on me by a pair of weirdos who tried to join my fac: they can’t do anything to you. It’s just pixels.

More to the point, chatbot seems to be going backwards. Not had any waves of bans for a while.

However many little words this is: région transfer window opens soon. Use it wisely.

Sadly I can’t transfer, don’t have the coins or a key to do so D:

Here’s just a snippet of stuff I get off of people if I say something

For the record to get that response all I said was how I felt it was stupid for a Diamond to be in Champions with Platinum as it put them at a disadvantage tickets-wise. Supposedly that was attacking someone for their score shrugs

When I was little and I complained that our cat scratched me, my mother always asked what I’d done to the cat first.

So, here goes… And what did you say to trigger this? Let’s see that screenshot.

There ya go :’) don’t see much wrong with my comment other than saying someone’s Defense was a nightmare for me on Attack

Just stay out of global. Or block. And report.

time to make a new account in Barbour so I can get bullied

Dammit this is me 2 days into war when my fac don’t handle towers perfectly


Wait a minute, op have you now or ever been a super model? I have a hunch that we’re about to blow this case wide open


Anything you can do about players like this?

what is this, a crossover episode?

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I used to play in Barbour (though I do have a secondary account in it) and the older players there are usually quite chill. They wouldn’t lash out against people unless they legitimately did something wrong, unless these are newer players in the region. So these wouldn’t be the people you’ve said have “been around for years”.

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so far im noticing a distinct lack of bullying

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