What did you do to Michonne?


Her new model sucks. Change it back, I’m irrationally bothered by it.


pay for it


Better her model than her AR, my friend. This could be much, MUCH worse…


She used to be taller. Now we have Midgechonne. This is way worse.


I really had to look at them side to side to notice a difference.

Maybe they’re planning to make her ascendable. It’s the only reason I can think of to mess with her avatar. Pretty sure a lot of people were asking for this, so for them I hope I’m right. Too bad I don’t have her.


I actually like the new model…need to check out mine :smiley:


Impossible. The new model is hideous. The katana is covering her eyes ffs


Hope thats the case. I have 2 of her.

Good find on the model change @The_Pope
I never woulda noticed lol


new og mich has the same stance as shiva force mich
i liked her old stance better. that meant as a green card she had 4 different stances as default. og had her high offensive stance, shiva had her diagonal defensive stance, twichonne had her dual wield berserker stance, and pichonne had her axe wielding power grip stance. lol



I have 4. You can have one.


Y yo también, por favor? Never pulled her in my main region :frowning_face:


Por supuesto, señorita :slight_smile: lo siento para el suerte malo


Of all the things that need to be addressed in this game, I doubt they would randomly change a perfectly good character model. My bet is that they are prepping her for ascendance…

Let the conspiracy theories begin. @kalishane you love conspiracies, don’t you?



look how much she changes when you equipped a axe or a cane or a non katana weapon at lest she isn’t gonna almost decapitate herself how high she used to hold those types of weapons


I like it better than the old one. It feels like it fits better with the artstyle imo.


I can see it coming. Legendary Michonne with zombie camo for 3 turns… +36 crit for strong characters



Except the camo and crit will only go to 3 allies, and the new rush total will be 86, and she now only hits 2 enemies, and she does damage to herself every other turn, and she has chicken pox just because.

Just like Gator…


a cursed/blood blade would be sick for her. drains own life every round and adds that to her attack power, or like a reverse hemorrhage type skill where it drains her hp in increasing incriments and in turn adding that to her raw damage every attack.


… I thought they had all this work to do to design 2x for 6*…
Why would you not leave the 5* alone even if you are preparing for ascendance?

This irritates me beyond words.