What did the kits and tapes gave you from 125?


Just curious to know how lucky or unlucky people have got from the kits and tape from hitting each player level from 100 to 125? What critical success weapons you guys manage to have and how many in total? Out of all 75 kits and tape i got impair while defending, teammate revival, splash damage, and double attack. Wasted a lot trying for something good for yumiko in the beginning but she just wasn’t having it. Used some to have other weapons done as well but overall i thought i would end up with more then 4 special weapons out of 75 kits and tape. How about yourself?


From all of the tapes and kits I got from levels 105 - 125 I got 2 green stuns, 2 impairs, an absolute defense, and a red stun


2 stun atk
-1x hp, very large
-1x def, huge

4 stun def
-2x def, huge
-1x atl, huge
-1x crit, very large

1 8% AP
-1x def, huge

Been fairly lucky recently. Don’t expect it to last. Down to just 4…


Out of 75… AP down and one attack stun… Smh

Stupid game or stupid me :pensive:


Still have 24 of them. Not sure what else to craft. Will be back up to 26 after the rm.

Guess I could try for stun, ad etc.
I have always focused on attack and have been relatively successful. I also don’t reset any critical success. They may prove useful in the future.


3 stun, 2 impair, 3 absolute defense, 2 stun katanas atm


So did you get anything from all those kits and tape?


I am almost to level 120. From the previos 30 plus about 5 more from SR and 4-star Parts, all I got was stun. I used 4 attempts trying to get the best crit bonus for my Zeke. The other 26 were for stun or impair. Only 1 success.


What was the final result for your weapon for Zeke?


+35 when enemy hp is over 60%. Slot 2 is +33 crit. Slot 1 is weapons default 20% hp


A stun katana after 10+ tries



Since Lvl 100 I got two stun guns, three impair on def, one abso and stun on Shiva …
Plus the icing in form of huge ap and stuff to finish the weapon.
But I’m now almost out.

(Of course there is also all the other tapes and pk from SR, weapons and roadmaps included)


From the 75 kits I’ve got
Green 2 x stun 1 x AP down
Red 1 x stun gun
Blue 1 x impair when defending
Yellow 1 x A D
And a few huge on AP when attacking


Gg Timo


From level 105-120 I got quite a few critical success. Here are some.


Nice dude




Now down to 0 :frowning: but it was fun while it last


That negans smg is bad ass