What did I miss while I was in active

I been not really active since the game is just flooded with ■■■■■■■ s classes.

All I gotta say is damn…

I been playing since 7th grade and the damn meta changed so hold

Remember 5 star trainers. Than 5 star ascendables, 6 stars. Payback, bide, and motherfucking s class.

I wish scopely didn’t get so damn greedy. I remember when s class first came out. We were losing our shit. Now its all s class. Only good 6 stars are p2w ones. (Ones that aren’t available in premier recruits, or etc)

I quit my job because my asshole boss was evil
As a 15 year old boy. I EAT ALOT. But the dude said if I had more 2 waters he charge 25 cent for another water.

As for that. S class lacerator, and another one.
Jiafeng, Bat rick are squishy as hell.

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I would say free to play is far better of than when we where in the 6* era. Also where are you working? I work at Mac Donald’s and they allow free small drinks for employees till your hearts content.

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A food truck but its a food trailer. We operate on a lot with a building. No bathroom in said building.

Uh how is that relevant to anything?


He is explaining what he was doing when he was inactive




no point even coming back unless you can allocate funds or many hours per day to do all the required content to stay relevant. Not worth your time or cash anymore. Only people left playing are the try hard now or addicts


It really isn’t. S class are good but their just OP in a area. 6 Stars aren’t op unless their the p2w ones. I may just quit. I remember how I would be in class looking at the forums. Instead this game isn’t really anything. Its just all s class.

every new release is op for 2-3 months

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Than another comes out.

the cycle goes on…

Until scopely shuts down,

Adds 7 stars.

Or more.

New S class premier every week for awhile now

‘I’ve been playing since 7th grade’ doesn’t really help us know how long that is since we don’t know you personally.

Since you’ve been gone, almost every single top 6star has been available F2P in events, in seasons, as gifts etc: Jiafeng, Doc, Zander (about 10 times), Slater, Kyle, Raven, Mia, Wayland, Elle etc. The only two I think who haven’t are Zach and Ryan.

All S class are now available to all players over time and they give out a reasonable amount of cards in events. Scopely have also started listening to player feedback. They have definitely improved in general.

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Clifton I wasn’t that gone B. I kinda slowed down on activity ever since I had my job. Now that I quitted I still haven’t got back into it since the damn game is boring.

Ah fair play. Realised you hadn’t been on the forum in a while tbf. So you are aware of the new changes right?

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