What did I just agree scopely?

Forcing people to click continue without reading the new terms, isn’t that against the,
When you click more info nothing happened, I just signed in contract that I don’t know what written in.


So random. Lol

Its cause of the new GDPR law going live in 3 days


Cause scopely also operates in the EU

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The ToS appeared for me, although only after I agreed to them, which is pretty novel I guess.
Anywho, here are 2 highlights:

They were in the old ToS but it always surprises me how some players are unaware of them. So basically any toon/weapon/whatever you spent last week’s paycheck on to buy can be taken away and you have zero recourse, also the game can shut down tomorrow with no notice anyway so it’s not like they were worth keeping anyway. Sweet dreams!


Nothing in this is surprising, but the question is why the timing? Wasn’t this already a part of the initial ToS? Does this mean they intend to implement further reaching bans or are they just sick of us whining about items and compensation rewards?

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If you tap those text listing that are the different color you can view those pages before continuing.


Can you give us the link of the new terms? Same here… the ‘link’ doesn’t do anything…

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You agreed to participate in the human centipede project.



You agreed to give Scopely your firstborn son. Whoops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Calm down jesus, there is no end game, or scopely is sick of whining or any other conspiracy bulls… Almost everyone releasing this now or next week, or already released last week. i got a mail about this from Nintendo and other companies last week so. (its happening because of the facebook Zuckenberg thing)

maybe youre right because of the upcoming region hooping…

Glad the ones running the show flagged my post. It said nothing offensive just me asking a question about the terms and service changes.

Why would you hide a question being asked when I read the terms and my understanding is making me ask a question about the players information. Can someone on the scopely staff message me and answer my question?

I’m more interested in this , does that mean players who play in more than one region on the same phone are now in breach of this and can have there accounts terminated with no warning

Also on a separate note clicking the read option counts as accepting the terms and conditions which seems very silly

That has always been there (you can have more then one region per account)


You can be on every region in the game and still be on the same account.

I clicked the lower link, but the hitbox is so small, that the click went to the button. :+1:

And just for the record. It’s not fatty fingers in my case. :stuck_out_tongue:

This information can be found in-game here >>

Thanks for pointing that out though! We’re investigating the UI for this to make it better.

More like a 0.01% chance if we’re living by scopely standards.

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