What did happen to Benedicts?

Seriously, where are all the Benedicts? Used to get one of two on upper level rewards for tournaments. Now I’m inundated with Ulysses…


It is to push sales of that ascendable offer with bennidicts, they also increased the price of ascendable medals crate in depot by 3x and its just to try to make people biy the offer

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So much for the players council and #playersunited. Smdh, ftp is on life support.

as a ftp, I can confirm, the struggle is indeed real.

it takes ages to come up with enough useless 5s to ascend someone, and then it takes even longer to get the gear to upgrade the newly ascended 6

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Who cares about Bennies, when you get a shit ton of bad 5 stars during war with those useless tokens

Those sat navs and canteens have disappeared to☹️

I was getting on here to ask this same question

Rewards in this game always cycle, things are plentiful sometimes and rare sometimes. Stock up when you can. As a low spender turned F2P, I’m quite happy to see fewer Bennies for a while, still have 27 of the 30 supreme crates from Pathways unopened, and would like to get a chance to open them cause there might be coins inside…

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Insert doubt meme

But good luck

Not likely. I opened at least that many without getting any coins. Perhaps my bucket just has no bottom?

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