What did everyone do with michonne weapon?


Curious what everyone did with michonnes weapon. Is it worth putting crit on it if I’m putting a crit chance mod on her? And then go huge bonus to ap when attacking and get the 50crit from the rush and get 36-40% attack


35 crit, huge ap atk, confuse

I use her with Spencer lead. If you use with Dwight lead, you could go all atk.



2x attack my dude


I just added huge AR when Attacking and gave her Crit chance mods.


The worst thing you can do since you basically shut down the confuse potential.

35 Crit
Huge AP on Atk

Mods attack set with Crit chance and crit damage / def and stun resist / Damage.

Works like a charm and hits like a truck


She sucks, you should depot her immediately if not sooner :grin::grin:


Thanks guys. Clearly there doesn’t seem to be any concise thoughts on what to do so at least i’m not alone in my confusion (no pun intended). I’m still leaning towards adding crit and AP on Attack but it just sucks to just throw away that +30% attack.


This is what I did. I could have done better, but she is bae with this anyway.


Everyone has different needs. I don’t need confuse and more disarms lets me overpower teams. If you need that confuse that badly you probably have a weaker team bud.


That’s what I went with… If I had an Erika/shield for her to hide behind I probably would’ve put huge AP on atk in order for her to rush quickly on defense but I don’t, so she’s an attack-only toon for me.

I don’t really want her rushing fast on attack as, even without that 30% atk, more often than not the target would be killed. Which in theory is good, but in actuality I just want them disarmed so I can build AP off them with the rest of my team. If the target dies all I’m left with is the choice between stunning or impairing myself on the remaining toons, and the dead toon in question could get revived too. So that’s my logic behind it, maybe not for everyone but works very well for me.

Being able to confuse a shield or a commander T1 takes so much pressure off a raid, and while it’s by no means guaranteed (even less so in the nightmare world that mods has opened up) it’s good to have as many options at one’s disposal as possible.


Why is everyone adding Crit?
I went with 40% Atk, Huge AP when attacking on top of the Confuse


Crit procs the disarm.



+35 crit and huge bonus to ap is what I recommend


Yeah, you probably don’t know anything about team building :thinking:

Your double attack have no use unless maybe just double disarm the same target ?
Still be useless against any kind of shield since you lose the power of confuse.

But then again, you probably have a low brain and team :roll_eyes:


One crit fail is a real turd in the punch bowl


2x attack is not solely useful as a double chance disarm, but apparently it’s obvious purpose may be lost on you. If you are hoping for the RNG of her confuse, it is evident your team is pretty damn weak.


Anybody who doesn’t like double attack on Michonne has never seen it in action.


:point_up_2: BAD idea! keep the confuse