What did crw tokens get you?


Soooooooooo… it was awesome to win region wars but all that happy feeling was quickly dashed when i made my pulls. Glad some noob pulled a carl or michonne shield though.


Pulls are random, and your roster is probably loaded with epics if you finished top 3 as it is. Why the hostility towards newer players? I don’t get it.


And btw, I got a second randall in Bibb (meh, fodder) and Shiva Jesus in Dade (yaay, any epic is a good epic).


Vernon, red Shane (76th)


4th mirabelle



People are like “But is fooder” and who cares. Is like play a whole weekend for two Benedicts.


Why do you play? I play cause of the banter with my faction mates and cause I like the gameplay. Prizes are only second for me.



The gameplay against Carl and Mirabelle all the time? And banter you have whatsapp, Facebook and other stuff…

Look, I’m not trying to be rude, but If you play and Get the First place, you should receive decent prizes. Not Christa.


Decided to save up my tokens until I need more fodder :joy: Given up on pulling Shiva. Nothing else on there of much use to me tbh


There is no “hate” for new players from me. In fact, i welcome them as this game, a game i love playing is dying. Its dying because top players in top factions are quitting left and right because of random rewards like these. Yes people need fodder but what good is fodder if you never receive toons that are acsendable?


True, there are better epics in that wheel. I can relate to the disappointment however. Pulled a second Randall from the tokens I got for 7th place. But then, I got more epics then I can lvl. Saves me looking for a benedict.


Another Tyrese and revive green Glenn… totally worth the 437k points I scored.


All out war Negan. Again. Total crap


My third sandy but luckily duplicates are less frequently right…


Got a second Shiva. Can’t complain.


I scored 250k points and got yellow duane and lester… My faction mate scored 20k and got Shiva and Mira

Milestones should be better than overall rank prize… Those who put in the work should get better rewards then those who are in for a free ride



Playing for banter and fun is fine … but just curious… how much money did you spend this weekend to play?


Oh boy … food