What crw should have beeen


1st place 6* Spencer + unique 4* wepon
2nd place the likes of maybe kal or dev as 6* pre existing Premier 4* wepon
3rd place maybe a nkt so good toon but still usable Laura or beta as 6* 4* wepon pre existing but has a 120 special stat
4 - 6 5* ascendble version of the 3rd place prize
Feel free to add mo ranks


Lol, this will never happen. The prizes at the moment are absolute trash, baby steps


Those would be some dope af prizes tho


That’s what war used to be
Even premier recruits were war rewards
Erin was the only meta that surrvied because her lead skill and rush were so powerful ppl fought like crazy


I remember I been playing for a year and a half now, I miss those days


Crw is trash and this game is trash.


Won’t get better if you don’t try to improve it
Just think there is lots of things that you could do


Theres a problem with that doe what’s the point in first of your not fighting for something that worth it we need strength to fight for yes I know that sucks
However what t differs forst from second should always be unigueness
So yes 1st will be strongest speaking
But who have to fight to get it
Rewards are fiddly to deal and having a stash would make things worse
Why sure everyone gets a chance but shouldn’t who fight for something gaurennteed it wouldnt work


Lol Laura is way better than all of the 6* you mentioned


Actually she isn’t insanely outclassed and Spencer is gonna be winter zeke
But it this way jesus winter edition simular rush except confuse for impair and good antrange lead skill fro 66ap
So jerimiah does - 70def atk 3 at 66ap
Also Spencer is free winter zeke kinda tbh just better stats and how good is winter zeke :wink: as I mentioned. Lookingg back know insted of kal I’d have gone for yvette insted


You don’t even know what will 6* Spencer look like and yet you compare it to existing 6*.
About Laura, she has stun active skill, debuff rush, she’s a blue and she has a good specialist skill.
Anyway I hope Spencer won’t be ascendable, since being able to obtain a unique ascendable 5* through extreme coining/luck in the matchmaking is just despicable.


Em too late he got leaked


Have a pic without tbd rush?


Warring for Jose and Monica and Kate was great…miss those wars as well


Even the first crw with hp/command maggie…now feels like warring for benedicts


I will tell you a secret when the amounts are between 75-100 will be given as prizes


This game isnt even fun anymore


Well seeing as 2 friends just quit midwar…kinda have to agree


I’ve been suggesting this for a while now. The problem with toons as rewards is that the same factions win them. The majority of factions just ended up with tokens.

With a war token and stash:
1 Every participating faction can win them
2 Top factions still get better rewards ie more toon pulls more often
3 Not all faction members would have the same toons - more variety
4 Also give out tokens for top milestone to reward most active players


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