What could I do to improve my team?


I just got the Erika but it seems like my team is coming along nicely, I can show the weapons too if that helps. Oh yeah and it’s s7++.


Don’t run all red


Magna (7 characters)


The biggest thing you can do is just working on levelling them up, that will give the biggest improvement.

The next biggest improvement will come from improving your weapons and mods for them. Long term, your team will likely be best with stun when defending and/or huge AP on attack, but that takes time. Incremental progress, just getting some upgraded weapons will help in the short term.

Also experiment with different team comps. For attack, you may find Wanderer or Mirabelle work better as leader. Maybe having some blues in there might help if you have any. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and see what works best.


And if you are in a decent faction then set it as friendly defense and ask your faction mates to test it out and see how it holds up with different support toons.


I use wanderer for attack and I’m working on replacing Lucas with Yumiko.


Should I add some blues? I only have Yumiko.


The easy answer is to level them up and upgrade their weapons more.
The less easy answer is to get better mods.
The hard answer is to get new chars, like magna, another Erika, blue Mich, Hunter, etc. I wouldn’t use Yumi, she’s not that great.


your mods need a lot of improvement, so get lucky


What’s wrong with all red? I’m only asking because I put together an all red team for raiding green Carl teams. It works good on attack but I haven’t tried it on defense yet


This response…


Red defenses are fine if setup properly. Like any other defense, it’s strong against some and weak against others. Get that shield and you’ll be on your way


I use this team on attack second only to my tank melee.


Damn that’s a good ass team.


Sure when ur attacking and know what team ur going against it’s all good. But on defense if ur entirely red ppl would just bring in a tyreese/chonne combo and 5 turns later ur all dead. If u run 4 reds and a magna shield, or just have a whole team on stun gun it’s anothee story.


this is what I have So far. I need to finish leveling them and I’m still working on weapons but I think itit’s a good start