What could be some improvements I could make to this team?

I feel I could still improve this team. I just don’t know what it would be.

Give Cole and Beta weapons?


And mods?

I think he is messing with us.

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Level up and ascend Beta and Cole.

Use Winter Richard or Red Rick.


I would but I dont have them :tired_face:

In seriousness though, I thought people would assume they are on my list for ascension sometime soon. I just wanted to see if anyone had advice or recommendations for when I did that.

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Hard to know without seeing your roster but of course you could add shield Magna for Andrea. If you had her of course.

Needs more burt.

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I prefer ethel

If they introduce a generation 2 shield I do plan on doing a 10 pull. Probably wont get it, but a man can dream eight?

But you already got Erika and new Beta, I’d say your luck is high.


But what if I used my luck on them :thinking::thinking:

“Take out Erika because she’s basically a one star and infinitely outdated. Then put Alice lead because she is the best character ever created, am I right guys?”

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Thank you kind sir, needed that

I know right? At this point ethel is an infinitely better character

You gotta whale harder. All I see is two new toons to your 3 old toons. You got to have that NEW NEW.

in all seriousness without knowing ur rooster we cant do nothing

i recommend spending 100k on alice, holly, marlon and decap sandy, maybe two marlon
ditch the team
dont forget to buy weapons and mods
maybe 200k

But Ive only got 99k :tired_face: